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Pro Map Tools

Pro Map Tools offers paid-for services and API'S for, and related to, geospatial and mapping applications. We also work with clients to design and implement bespoke solutions.

If you have a query or a geospatial or mapping requirement, please get in contact.

Overview of Pro Map Tools API's

Pro Map Tools API uses standard protocols (REST) over a secure connection (HTTPS). The output can be used by a wide range of applications, mobile apps and websites to enhance their functionality.

Technical Overview of Pro Map Tools API's

Pro Map Tools API acts as a RESTful web service that returns JSON responses to authenticated users. This service uses HTTPS communications.

Queries are actioned with GET (read-only) requests in a format shown below:

https://[subdomain][COUNTRY OR REGION]/[Service Name]]/[REST Method]/?[Parameters]&key=USERKEY

List of API's

Please find below a list of available API's. These are grouped by either worldwide coverage or country-specific.



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